Why Redesign a Website?

Why redesign a website?

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Why redesign a website? If you are business owner, you have, or will ask this question. You may have invested a good bit of time and money years ago in your current website. But just like a vehicle or an electronic device, websites eventually need to be updated. But what are the benefits? So glad you asked! Let’s get to it!

A rebrand is a great time to redesign your website

You Want to Rebrand Your Site

I recall the first few meetings with a client who wanted to rebrand their site. The old site had become a bit tough to maintain, and it was somewhat complicated for the company to find information. Therefore, if it was difficult for the COMPANY to navigate the site, imagine the user experience! The redesign simplified the content and made the site much easier to navigate. Hence, the client was very pleased with the result, and visitors are now able to find information in just a few clicks. 

How is the branding on your site? Is there a consistent look and feel on all pages? Are the fonts and font sizes consistent? Or does it feel like a patchwork quilt? If you have inconsistencies across your site, sometimes the simpler thing to do is tear it down, do a new outline and start fresh. You may find that you will save a lot of time and money in the long run. Click here for more info about our website design services!

rebranding your site can lead to an increase of web traffic

You Want to Increase Your Traffic

Let’s face it: a beautiful site isn’t worth much if nobody sees it. In fact, some of the sites with the highest volume of visitors, like wikipedia.org or cragislist.com are, well, freaking hideous. So aesthetics aren’t everything. That’s not to say you want an ugly site; but is your current site optimized for search? Do you have a strategy for putting out continuous, relevant content that can easily be found by the visitors you want to attract?

Google’s search algorithm keeps getting smarter and smarter, and while they will never reveal that algorithm to the public, it has become obvious that they have gotten wise to some of the black-hat practices such as keyword stuffing. Good, honest, continuous content published regularly on your website that is relevant to your visitors will mean that your site gets indexed more regularly on Google. For more on this check out this article  from SEO site checklist!

a website redesign can improve conversions

You Want to Improve Conversions

If you’ve gone through the try, fail and adjust process that is common in the digital marketing game, you know the game of optimizing your site for conversions. I can relate to this: setting up ads through Google and social media, pushing traffic to a webpage and scratching my head on how to improve conversions. There is a certain art to this, and having a well-designed site or landing page plays a major role in your conversion funnel. If you have found yourself pushing a ton of traffic through ads but not seeing the conversion rate you think you should be getting, a redesign might be in order.

a website redesign can add functionality to your site

You Want to Add Functionality

Let’s face it: the digital game has changed. The year 2020 accelerated a lot of things in the digital world. Curbside pickup, contactless delivery and online ordering are almost expected these days. Has your site been updated to keep up with these changes? Even adding something as simple as an appointment booking widget to your site can help you keep up with the changing digital landscape.

a website redesign can ensure a good mobile experience

You Want to Optimize For Mobile

When I have conversations with clients about a website redesign, one of the first things that is mentioned is, “can you make my site mobile-friendly?” And for good reason! According to perficient.com 68% of users are visiting a website on a mobile device. This study was based on 30.2 TRILLION visits! So, question for you…is your site optimized for mobile? If not, a redesign is definitely in order. You can’t afford to have 68% of viewers leave your site because the mobile experience is poor.

Why redesign a website?

Why Redesign a Website?

So, why redesign a website? This article is by no means a comprehensive list. However, if you have an older site that isn’t mobile optimized, isn’t drawing conversions like it should, or isn’t consistent, then it might be time for a redesign! Give us a shout, we would love to discuss redesigning your website!

Our Services:

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Whether you are happy with your website and looking for someone to manage it or in need of a facelift, we can help. We will make sure you site is optimized for speed and mobile experience.

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