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Responsive Design, Cost Effective Advertising and Promotions

GFW Digital Media Solutions is excited to be your Digital Media Partner.   We offer a holistic approach to digital media from responsive web design, social media strategies and much more.  We pride ourselves in creating value through a comprehensive digital solution.

Our Services

Website Creation

GFW Solutions has a “mobile first” approach to web design.  Over 80% of internet users are on smartphones as of 2018. We will make sure your website looks incredible on any device.  Regardless of whether you are looking for a simple “brochure” style site, or something more in depth, we can provide a solution for you!

Digital Marketing Strategies

Having a site that has been optimized to look amazing on all devices and loads quickly is the first step.  Beyond that, we can help formulate and execute a strategy to take advantage of and participate in the ongoing digital conversation, expanding your reach in a way that is cost effective compared to traditional advertising.

Sales and promotional strategies

As your digital media partner, we can help you identify opportunities to gain exposure and traction for your business. We specialize in networking and identifying community events that can help grow your existing customer base.

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