Helping your brand identify unique opportunities through networking

Networking is a powerful tool for any business. At GFW Digital Media Services, we owe a lot of our success to opportunities that have come from networking, and we are excited to collaborate with new businesses to discuss the people in our network who can provide mutually beneficial opportunities. Let’s chat!

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what is your point a?

how strong is your current network?

New business opportunities might be hiding in plain sight. Keeping a good database of connections has never been easier with social networks, cell phones and CRM software. We can help you identify opportunities in your existing network simply by getting a good bead on who you already know.

What is your point b?

lets 'map out' a plan for networking opportunities

Once you have a good grip on who you know, we can formulate different strategies on how to collaborate. Networking has never been easier with virtual meeting tools, email campaigns, webinars and other digital resources.

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The Sky's The Limit

We will be your 'gps' for your networking strategy

Like any of our services, follow up and monitoring is key to developing a networking strategy. Following up with attendees with thank you letters, getting feedback via email are just a couple of ways we can keep a finger on the pulse.