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Social Media

Social Media presents a unique opportunity for any business to connect with their current and potential audience in a more personal and cost effective manner. How does your social strategy look?

Social media plays an important role in a good SEO strategy
a solid social media content strategy can keep your audience coming back

what is your point a?

how is your current social media presence?

Social media opens many doors of opportunity for business owners; opportunities to engage with customers as never before. According to Social Media Today, a solid social strategy is key to developing an organic following. With a social campaign, the most important thing is to identify your point A. What social networks have you set up already? How are your likes and follows? What social channels are most relevant to the audience you are looking to target? We will work with you to answer all these questions and if need be, develop social accounts to begin engaging with your current and future audience.

What is your point b?

lets 'map out' a plan for social growth

Once we have identified your ‘point a’ and fleshed out your social network content, it’s time to talk about a strategy for growth. What kind of budget do you want to put towards advertising? What is an appropriate volume of posts per week, and what are the best times of day to schedule posts to reach your audience? Where can you pull or create ongoing content? We will partner with you to map out an ongoing social strategy.

pay per click advertising is scalable and measureable

The Sky's The Limit

We will be your 'gps' for your social campaign

At GFW Digital Media Services, we do not believe in ‘fire and forget.’ We closely monitor the progress of the campaigns we help you set up to make sure you are getting the best return on the time and money invested into your social channels.