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Search Engine Optimization is a long term play. While pay-per-click advertising might buy space at the top of Google, a solid SEO plan can help you climb organic ranks. What this means for your business is traffic that you don’t have to pay every month for. At GFW Digital Media Services, we believe in an honest approach to SEO; no “black hat” techniques that trick search engines, but a consistent keyword and content strategy that will help you climb to the top of search results and stay there.

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A good search engine optimization strategy starts with knowing where you stand

what is your point a?

Search Engine Optimization starts with knowing your starting point

We are going to let you in on a secret: there is no secret sauce to Search Engine Optimization. Google is extremely protective of their algorithm, and for good reason: they don’t want people tricking the search engine to produce results users weren’t expecting. That being said, studies have shown that certain factors play an important role in your business being discovered online:

  1. The quality of your Google My Business Profile
  2. The count, quality of, and freshness of your Google My Business Reviews
  3. Your on-page optimization and
  4. The quality and count of your inbound and outbound links.

Oftentimes, businesses don’t know where they stand online, apart from knowing they aren’t showing up on the front page of Google. Fortunately, GFW Digital Media Services has tools that can show you where you stand with each of these ranking factors.

What is your point b?

lets 'map out' a plan for SEO Improvement

Once we have identified your ‘point a’ and identified where you stand online, it’s time to talk about a strategy for improvement. We will get your business listed on not only Google My Business if necessary but other high-ranking directories such as Apple Maps, Bing, Yelp and others that are relevant to your business. Our team will go to work to create content that is engaging for your target audience to follow, connect with your existing customers for Google My Business reviews, and more.

We can help you map out a solid search engine optimization plan
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At GFW Digital Media Services, we do not believe in ‘fire and forget.’ SEO is very much an ongoing process and we will work closely with you as we monitor your SEO efforts and take action to increase your visibility and rankings.