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Pay Per Click advertising represents a massive leap forward for businesses like yours. Whether you are a new business building an awareness campaign, an e-commerce business promoting a sale of a product line or simply looking to build loyalty among your customers, GFW Digital Media Services can be your ‘GPS’ in the world of PPC advertising.

pay per click advertising lets you reach your audience at the right time
pay per click advertising can get you to the top of google quickly

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Pay Per Click Ads: The Race to the Top

Pay per click advertising is a leap forward for business owners. Before the digital age, advertising was a bit of a crapshoot: large sums of money spent on mailers, billboards, radio and television advertising. Investing in this kind of advertising was done with fingers crossed: there was no way of telling whether you were reaching the right audience.

Flash forward to today: businesses like yours have access to multiple platforms, many of which allow for specific audience targeting. Regardless of the platform, the key idea of PPC advertising is reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time. There are a few key elements to that, which GFW Digital Media Services can provide a ‘true north’ on. If Search Engine Optimization is a marathon, Pay Per Click advertising is a sprint. Both strategies have a place for your business, but if you need to get to the top of Google with your message quickly, you’ll want to run with a Pay Per Click campaign.

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Standing out with competitive messaging and bidding

Once we help you decide on the type of pay per click campaign is best for your business, we will work alongside you to develop the creative elements, key phrases, scheduling and bidding. The digital world is a highly competitive space so it is important to have a digital guide to provide good direction on how to best leverage the platforms best suited to your goals.

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Tracking your progress like a good gps

We will be your 'gps' for your PPC Campaign

At GFW Digital Media Services, we do not believe in ‘fire and forget.’ We closely monitor the progress of the campaigns we help you set up to make sure you are getting the best return on the time and money invested into your pay per click efforts. Want to know some of the additional benefits of Pay Per Click advertising? Check out this article from Search Engine Journal!